Read the Fables!

Fables from Brain Booster World“, written and illustrated by Leong Lup Weng, is out now!

Written and illustrated by Leong Lup Weng

“A stunning debut, outshines all his previous work…” –

“A milestone in world literature and ethnic art!” – Anonymous Tweet

The year is 2035. War is globally postponed. The island of Singapore is voted World’s Best City. Lim Bo Bo, like all children here, wears a Brain Booster, to help him grow smart. We follow his adventures, as he gets a Brain Upgrade, joins a Talent Contest, travels back 2000 years for a Family Holiday, and discovers a riddle from Ancient Civilization – just everyday fables … from the Brain Booster World.

Print edition available at Books Kinokuniya and  Select Books:

E-book in various formats available here on Smashwords:

Free Download – content page and excerpts (in pdf):

The Chef.pdf

Grandpa the transformer.pdf


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