Solution for Public Transport

By 2030, public transportation was mainly Automated and Driverless. The Transport Duopoly Board cited this as a victory for technology and productivity: ‘We spend much less time maintaining machines than people.’


The Pods Network uses dynamic allocation to match passengers and  locations. Transfer between pods is sometimes required but minimized. Security was ensured as the Pods screened passengers and destinations based on Brain Booster or ID chip data. This also allowed the optimum route and passenger allocation to be calculated, thereby reducing traffic and wastage.

The Pod design won numerous awards for its application of advanced North Korean ergonomics.


How Wars Stopped

Singapore 2035

By the late 2020s, nations globally were mired in numerous ‘diplomatic’ escalations. Military skirmishes sprang up regularly between countries and alliances. Countries which were allies on some issues were in conflict on others. Inexplicably, academics advised that the ‘best course of action’ was for all nations to openly declare World War 3. ¬†And quite incredibly, they were right. All military actions were put on hold while politicians tried to pass various motions in parliament.

Recognizing its value, nations maintain the impasse to this day, with regular rounds of expensive summits. But no actual fighting.