Brain Booster Design

Brain Booster design has evolved over the years. Early versions tended to over-heat. It often resulted in  mild scarring on the temples of children born between 2019 and 2021. This in turn was credited with a boom in the local cosmetic surgery industry some years later.


Eco-buildings 2: High-rise Apartments

High-rise apartments in Singapore also took to the eco-friendly architectural movement, with ‘nature themed’ building designs. Most popular among these was marketed by developers as the ‘cool cucumber’, though residents knew them instinctively as ‘squash’.


A natural evolution of the eco-friendly architectural movement, buildings ‘inspired by nature’ became popular. This often meant structures shaped like plants and fruits . The ‘Durian’ Concert Hall on the Singapore waterfront was among the earliest examples. The School Hall for the esteemed Margaret Drive School was another masterpiece of the genre.

Brain Boosters

For years, debate on child education focussed on tailoring programs to suit individuals. This proved futile due to the number of programs required, and the effort to administer them.

 A think tank of Singapore scholars proposed to “reverse engineer a level playing field”. The desired level of school performance would be standardized and students would be boosted to achieve them. This was enabled by a new technology called Parallel Synapse Programming (PSP), whereby mental performance could be amplified to predetermined levels. This was the technology used in what became the Brain Boosters.

The policy for Development Utilizing Mental Boosters was implemented in 2025. Singapore was the pioneer and remains the only country to implement such a policy. School curricula were standardized, and children were required to wear Brain Boosters up to the age of 16. As a result, all kids score 95% for exams. Home tuition was eliminated. It has also been noted that Singaporean kids are “very different”.

NTUC elects Amy Cheong as Chairperson

The National Tolerance and Unity Council has elected veteran Grassroots leader Amy Cheong as its new Chairperson. Cheong is well-known as the best selling author of “The Public Wedding and Funeral Guide”, and is renowned for her stirring rhetoric. She brings to the role her extensive experience handling racial tolerance issues raised by the public.

Taste of a thing to come

Vegetable Matter is a cheap food staple in 2035. It is marketed as 100% organic and contains ALL the essential vitamins. VM is usually sold in the form of Cupcakes or Muffins. The origins of the raw material is a patented industrial secret.

What other foods will we be eating in the future, that would be sustainable and nutritious? Drop a comment with your ideas or inventions.

Atom Buster – the new Psychokinesis game

The Alien Buster game module is the flagship product of Singaporean conglomerate Geylang Entertainment (Nasdaq:GE).  Geylang is acclaimed for its interactive human sensory offerings. It generated a hysterical following when released. It could be patched to turn targets into user-defined images. The feature was a favourite with racial and religious hate groups.  Under public pressure, Alien Buster modules were replaced by the non-modifiable Atom Buster.

Upon this announcement, the share price of GE fell 20%. “Social responsibility is bad for the economy,” said a company spokesman.